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Duck Dive Surf Earplugs in Huntington Beach, CA

Hey there water enthusiasts! Whether you’re catching waves, paddleboarding, or taking a dip, Duck Dive surfing earplugs are your go-to for keeping chilly, bacteria-filled water away from your precious ear canal. Our special waterproof membranes, custom-molded just for you, make sure that the bone-chilling water stays out, keeping surfer’s ear at bay.

The unique custom molding process of Duck Dive surfer earplugs ensures a snug and comfy fit, sealing you off from both wind and water every time you put them on, all while maintaining your almost normal hearing. And here’s a bonus – they’re not just for surfers! These earplugs are also fantastic for preventing swimmer’s ear, saving you from those pesky infections caused by water-dwelling bacteria. Dive into the water worry-free with Duck Dive earplugs!

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Benefits of Using Duck Dive Earplugs 

  • Keeps the water out, but not sound
  • Sound reduction is less than 3 dB with the proprietary membrane
  • Specially fitted to your ear – Comfortable for 8 hours or more of continued usage

Catch the Waves!

Duck Dive Earplugs keep water waves out and allows all the sound waves in. We help surfers and water enthusiasts in the Huntington Beach area keep their ears healthy and clear. Contact us today to get fitted and enjoy the outdoors. 

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Ready to take your surf sessions to the next level?

Say goodbye to ear discomfort and hello to the ultimate wave experience! Grab your Duck Dive Surf Earplugs today and ride the waves in perfect harmony.

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