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Additional Reviews

“Mike Shannon is among the most experienced and patient hearing specialist”

“I first made an appointment with Mike Shannon because of his high recommendations on Yelp, and I was not disappointed. Being a decade-long wearer of hearing aids and having seen many providers, I can honestly say that Mike Shannon is among the most experienced and patient specialists I have encountered.”

Lawrence N.

Los Alamitos, CA

“My husband has been going to Michael Shannon for over 15 years”

“My husband has a severe hearing loss and needs someone who knows the field and is up on the latest technology to help him hear and function. Mike has always made my husband feel important and well taken care of. He always makes sure the hearing aids are the best for his situation. My husband is always happy when he has an appointment with Mike and is even happier when he leaves! I have asked my husband if he wanted to try a new hearing aid business that recently opened in our area… he looked at me and then we had a good laugh.”

Carri E.

Whittier, CA

“Dr. Shannon is amazing, caring, loving and professional”

“Dr. Michael Shannon is my Mother and Step Father’s audiologist. All I can say is that he is amazing, caring, loving and professional. My parents think of him like a son, and trust him that way. He takes care of all of their needs and is always interested in their lives – he asks questions and makes them feel at home and cared for. His product is superior to any others they have tried and they would NEVER go anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr. Shannon to anyone needing hearing aids or just testing. he also made amazing ear plugs for my son when he was surfing daily and suffering from ear infections! He easily and willingly handles all audio problems for anyone from childhood through senior life. Use him you will not be sorry!”

Cristi U.

Huntington Beach, CA

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“Thank you for the wonderful service!”

“I would just like to thank Mike for the wonderful service he provided to my Mother. My Mother would not admit that she had a hearing problem. This became so hard for our family as we would have to yell when going out to dinner and my mom would say we were not speaking loud enough. After getting the correct hearing aids and great support from Mike, my mom now complains that her friends can’t hear. When an older person loses their hearing it can become such a hardship for them. If you know of a person in need then help them by taking them to Mike.”

Debbie G.

Huntington Beach, CA

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